"Our time and Experience are on your side!"

The Kirks Real Estate Team

We believe in Relationship first

We strive to create long lasting relationships.  We do this by asking the right questions to find what you really want in your first,  next or investment property! Having grown up in Kelowna we both have extensive knowledge on the in’s and out’s of Kelowna as well as the market trends that come with the area.  We are a no pressure team who put the relationship first to ensure your needs, wants and goals are met.

Finding the Perfect Property

Is Only A Few Clicks Away!

We do our best to take the pressure of searching for a home off your shoulders.  We are constantly combing the MLS system for listings that match your criteria based on the “needs/wants” we uncovered in our question and discussion period.  We also take advantage of our connections and reputation in the industry to try to get leads on any upcoming properties not yet on the market. Sometimes we even get into them before anyone else!  We research and qualify listings before sending them to you, while doing further research on your top picks before viewing.

Lets Make An Offer And Close A Deal

Time to view

We take care of booking all showings.  Just tell us when you want to get started and we’ll do our best to make it happen.  We believe in being honest and open about our thoughts on a given property. When viewing properties we’re there as a guide and information source as well as playing devils advocate. Every home has high points and lesser points and we believe our goal is to make sure you view each and every property on an even playing field.

Our commitment to Education.

We are constantly seeking further education to ensure we are at the top of our game!  From courses and education offered by our local Real Estate board to external education like the 6 day MCNE course (Master Certified Negotiation Expert), we try to create a knowledge base to help make your experience a safe,  easy and informed one.

Contracts and Negotiations

First and foremost we are here to protect you.  With extensive experience in writing safe & binding contracts we work to ensure you are protected in a way that keeps you at ease. Not only are we practiced and trained negotiators but we’ve become Master Certified Negotiation Experts (MCNE certified) to better serve you.  While we believe in a collaborative “win-win” approach to our negotiations we are here to get the best deal for you! We also work until the deal is done and you are satisfied so don’t be surprised if we’re sitting at your kitchen table at 10pm if need be!

Due Diligence begins

Once we have negotiated an accepted offer the subject removal period/due diligence begins. Time to secure Financing, book home inspections, etc. This can be a daunting task when you consider what’s at stake.  Don’t worry, we’re with you every step of the way! We will put together a comprehensive “to-do list” to help keep you on track and on time. We also work with a fantastic network of professionals if you ever need a recommendation. We continually check in to make sure you’re on track and we do our best to communicate with any secondary professionals working on your behalf such as Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers and Inspectors too. We keep very busy in the background to ensure things keep moving forward.  Check our Preferred Partners page for a list of professionals we’ve worked with and our clients have enjoyed working with. Our goal is to create a stress free environment where productivity runs as efficiently as possible, with your help of course!

It’s almost time for Keys!

There’s always a gap in time between condition removal (when you firm up your purchase) and the date you actually get keys! We’ll be staying in touch because the “to-do list” doesn’t always end when you commit to the purchase. There’s still a lot to do and you’ll be hearing from us!  We keep constant communication in the weeks leading up to completion/key day to ensure you have all your ducks are in a row. Mortgage documents need signing, Insurance needs issuing, legal documents need signing at Lawyers and Utility company hookups need booking etc. In the final days we will arrange to pick up the keys and  meet you at your new home to do the final walk through and say congratulations.

Buying Real Estate doesn’t have to be complicated but there’s always a lot to deal with and manage. With us on your side you can be confident in the steps you take and the decisions you make.

Our Time and Experience are on your side!

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