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Steve Kirk – Realtor®

I’ve been in Real Estate since June of 2008.  Starting my Real Estate career at the beginning of the economic downturn was a challenging endeavor but one that allowed me to find the strength and knowledge to move forward when many were calling it quits. I’m still here and having fun!  The first 7 years of my Real Estate career were a partnership with my father, Peter Kirk, who is now Managing Broker of our office and one of the busiest RE/MAX offices in Western Canada. The knowledge I gained through mentorship, experience and our daily working relationship helped strengthen my already strong work ethic.

Prior to my Real Estate career I spent 10 years in the customer service industry as manager of one of the busiest grocery stores in the Marketplace IGA chain.  My dedication, drive, enthusiasm and work ethic gave me opportunities to leap ahead in a competitive internal industry.  Hired as a clerk who bags groceries, I quickly rose to management within 4 years. My goal was to learn every day and always do something more than expected.   From time management to people management to creative problem solving, I learned a lot and continue to carry those lessons in my day to day life and work life.

Mike Kirk – Realtor®

Since being put on skis at the age of 2, my love for the outdoors has grown immensely. I occupy my time in the spring, summer, and fall with Mountain biking and spend my winters on the hill skiing. I love that the Okanagan provides me the opportunity to explore the mountains and enjoy the outdoors year round. Living an active lifestyle and spending so much time in the outdoors I developed a love for action photography, which led me to pursue a career as a Photographer for a number of years before dialing it back to enjoy as a life-long hobby.

Having 10 + years experience in the customer service industry, mainly working in the bicycle and ski industry, was invaluable in teaching me how to understand people’s needs by asking the right questions and knowing how to use the information given to find the products that suit them best.

Working in real estate has allowed me to direct all of the skills and knowledge acquired during my time in the service industry to help people find their new home in the Okanagan Valley.  I get immense joy out of helping my clients move closer to their goals, no matter how big or small!

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